Month: March 2018

fritzie carmel jamili


March 7, 2018

Senior Homecare By Angels is proudly present Fritzie Carmel Jamili, our Caregiver of the Month. We appreciated Fritzie for her commitment to support our clients and achieve the goals. She was very compassionate, caring, kind, and empathetic. We have received a feedback from the family of our client couple stating that Fritzie was very wonderful to his parents and provided excellent care. She really did an amazing job on taking care of them.

For Fritzie, it was a very rewarding for her to help others knowing that all the clients that she looked after treated her nicely and kindly. They appreciated her help. Some of them treated Fritzie like a member of their family. She valued and respected all of our diverse clients.

Fritzie has been working with Senior Homecare By Angels since January 2015 and currently working part time shifts for our clients in a homecare setting. She was a Registered Nurse back in her home country and worked as a Staff Nurse, as well as in the Middle East. She had an experience working with clients who had Alzheimer’s, Dementia, bedridden; and had worked different shifts such as live-in, nights, and days. She performed great care by doing the transferring, handling the lifts, feeding through GT tubes, providing personal care, checking vital signs, and assisting with medications.

Fritzie enjoys spending time with her adorable son, watching movies, eating out at restaurants, communicating with her husband and family back home, spending time with friends, going to church, and baking cakes and bread during her spare time.

Thank you Fritzie for your beautiful work and everything that you did for our clients! You are a gem!

jenalyn gaspar


March 3, 2018

Senior Homecare By Angels is very proud to announce Jenalyn Gaspar as our recipient, Caregiver of the Month. Jenalyn was recognized for her dedication, loyalty, and commitment with our client that she has been working with for many years as a live-in caregiver. She is so wonderful, full of patience; and it takes so much integrity for someone who can stay that long working as a live-in. She is inspiring. Our team admires Jenalyn for having such great dedication.

Our client’s family made Jenalyn felt like she was a part of their family. She respected them and they loved her. Jenalyn will get anything for the client whether for personal care needs or support. She has been continuing to provide a support physically and emotionally with our client. She had been grateful with David for providing pick up arrangements when Jenalyn started working as a live-in caregiver with another client, during the time when she first started working for us. After this client, Jenalyn was offered with this current client that she has been working as a live-in caregiver now.

Jenalyn has been working with Senior Homecare By Angels since January 2015 and currently working live-in caregiver for our client in a homecare setting. She was a Registered Nurse back in her home country and worked as a caregiver in Hong Kong. She had experienced working with a client who had Alzheimer’s for four years when she arrived in Canada. She felt blessed while working with this client and family; and expressed that she would never forget them. Jenalyn likes to spend time with her friends and family during her free time.

Congratulations Jenalyn and thank you for all this wonderful care that you’ve shown and given. We are so blessed to have you on our team.

rosario reyes


March 1, 2018

Congratulations to Rosario! Senior Homecare By Angels is pleased to announce that Rosario Reyes is our Caregiver of the Month. Rosario is outstanding with her work performance. She is competent, compassionate, and committed to provide consistency and continuity of care. Caring for seniors is her ultimate passion as it drives her innermost desire to help the elderly. She advocates for her clients to achieve the goals, promotes health and wellness, and empathizes their needs. She believes that it is important for her to care and treat our clients as a whole person- mind, body, and soul. It is a holistic approach, and she did a great job on delivering this concept.

When it comes to flexibility, Rosario does not mind taking more shifts and covering another schedule if we asked her to pick up some shifts. She likes to work and does not complain if we needed her to relieve another schedule. She is diligent, follows instructions, and communicates back in our office for client’s updates and schedule changes.

Rosario has been working with Senior Homecare By Angels since December 2016. She studied Personal Support Worker and just completed her Physiotherapist Assistant. She was a Registered Nurse back in her homeland, and had been with the nursing profession for 15 years. She believed in the power of knowledge. When she was working as a Senior Care Assistant in United Kingdom for 2 years in a nursing home, it gave her a motivation to perform better by learning to be more attentive and responsible so she could provide a better quality of care to her residents. She felt her life had resulted a great and promising opportunity when she moved here in Canada for good. Rosario likes to unwind by relaxation, treat herself with good and healthy food, tidy up her room and organize her things, and plan ahead for the next day.

We are so blessed to have Rosario on our team and proud of her achievements. Thank you, Rosario!

letty silvas


March 1, 2018

Senior Homecare By Angels is proud to announce Letty Silva as our recipient, Caregiver of the Month. Letty was known for her client’s advocacy, flexibility, and hard work. Once she accepted to take up a case, she studied the care plan, followed it, and delivered the best care that she could provide to ensure our client’s needs were met and fulfilled. If there was anything that needed to be added on the care plan, she would make suggestions; and if noticed there were some conflicts to the best interests of the client, she would report in our office.

We can always count on Letty when it comes to any open shifts. When we needed someone to relieve a shift, she was cooperative and gladly accepted any changes even if it would affect her schedule. She worked really hard and tried her best to complete the tasks for the client. What she enjoyed the most on her job was that knowing that she had given her best to care for our clients, really satisfied her especially when our clients’ health improved and the quality of life changed for better. She was working with another client who had some mobility issues and couldn’t walk from her bed to the washroom when Letty first started on the case. After three months and with Letty’s support, the client was able to walk from her house to her neighbour’s house for 10 minutes walk with a help of a walker. That was amazing!

Letty has been with Senior Homecare By Angels since August 2016 and currently working full time shifts for our client in a homecare setting. She is a Personal Support Worker certified and had experienced with cases of Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Letty enjoys spending time with her clients doing some exercises, playing games and puzzles.

Congratulations Letty and thank you for all amazing things that you did! Great job!