Month: November 2015

safe driving


November 18, 2015

Tips on Safe Winter Driving

December is the month for National Safe Driving Week Awareness. Driving during the winter time requires precaution especially when roads are icy and slippery wet.

It is important to be prepared ahead before hitting the road. Your vehicle should be properly maintained and have adequate safety items included. A complete car engine tune-up should be done prior to winter time. The brakes, car batteries, windshields wipers should be in good condition as well as winter tires are recommended. Basic equipment such as shovel, ice scraper and brush should be handy in case you get stuck in the snow or ice. Having a spare tire, wrench, tire jack, and anti-freeze solvent are advantages especially when your vehicle gets stuck in the road on a deep snow or ice. Your vehicle should include survival items such as first aid kit, warm blankets, drinking water, and a well-charged cell phone at all times. Get a habit of checking the weather and road conditions before heading out and plan your route ahead of time if you are travelling a long distance. It is important to take control on your driving skill such as adjusting your driving speed according to the conditions of the road and the weather, as weather conditions can be unpredictable. Be sure to wear your seat belt properly at all times whether if you decide to drive your vehicle or go with another driver as a passenger. Be prepared and drive safely.